Face Mask Filters - Washable & Reusable

Face Mask Filters - Antimicrobial - Washable & Reusable

This special face mask filter is made from a very special fabric for exceptional filtration and easy breatheability.

The filter is treated with a special antimicrobial Silver Ion treatment. This restricts bacteria growth in the fabric that causes unpleasant odours caused by sweating, which keeps the mask fresh and pleasant to wear. However, the main benefit is that 99.9% of all bacteria is killed during the wash cycle, even at low temperature - for this reason the treatment is widely used in medical garments.

We make this mask filter to fit any Halcyon Blue Mask with a filter pocket, but it can be used in other mask brands of a similar size.

IMPORTANT - Our masks are not medical grade masks. Should you need a medical mask DO NOT buy our masks.

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1 product