Men's Boxer Shorts

Men's Boxer Shorts

15 products

15 products

Don't just take our word for it:

My husband really likes these. Excellent quality. Much more comfortable than CK version. Very soft yet supportive. Sizing consistent with other similar styles on market. Will rebuy in future.
Sarah C - Men's Organic Cotton Classic Boxer Shorts UK Waist

Hidden Comfort!
These men's boxer shorts are made with very comfortable organic cotton. They fit well and my wife thinks they look great. Good to know they are made in West Sussex, maybe a little more expensive than supermarket pants but when you consider how many years they last, the extra couple of pounds is insignificant. Will certainly by more from Halcyon.
Barrie D. - Men's Organic Cotton Keyhole Boxer Shorts HB Waist (Left or Right Entry)

Top quality organic cotton boxer shorts and made in England..
So happy to have found really good quality organic cotton boxer shorts. Made in England. The cotton is really nice, the sizing accurate, having a choice of left or right hand entry. My husband and I are trying to purchase products made in England. These are a really good product and we will be purchasing again.
Katrina D - Men's Organic Cotton Keyhole Boxer Shorts HB Waist (Left or Right Entry)

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Why Halcyon Blue boxer shorts?

We seem to forget that the boxer shorts are the most important part of our wardrobe, keeping us comfortable and supporting our most important parts! So we believe 100% that it is worth spending more money on shorts that are top quality and made to last. That way you help yourself and the planet!

We made a decision that we would only make and sell products that we are willing to wear ourselves. Not only do we help with the development work, by testing all the new designs of boxer shorts, but we genuinely wear them every single day, so you can have the confidence you are buying a great product backed by a 12 month guarantee.

What makes our men's boxer shorts so great?

Our men's boxer shorts are made from UK made knitted cotton and supersoft Meryl and made in our own West Sussex, UK factory. You won't find many boxers shorts as "UK" as that.

You can choose what style of fly you would like -standard, keyhole or button and we also offer a choice of waistbands and fabric colours.

If that wasn't enough we also offer different fabrics. You can't get more traditional than cotton for your boxers. Comfortable and supportive, hypoallergic, odour resistant and sustainable. But if you like the feel of silk in your trousers then our supersoft are what you want. Silky soft, breathable, quick drying and don't cling to your trousers when you pull them up.

As featured on the BBC

We were very proud when we were approached by the presenter and journalist Adrian Chiles and the BBC to ask if they could feature our UK made men's boxer shorts on their broadcast about buying British made products.

Listen to the Radio 4 broadcast "Living British" with Adrian Chiles and the related article in the Guardian Newspaper - Read It Here.

Click Here to have a listen. (If you don't want to listen to the whole show we are featured at 10:05 and 18:20)