About Us


Halcyon Blue was established in 2005. We have a small factory in a little village called Bosham (pronounced Bozzam) in West Sussex, not far from Chichester. In the United Kingdom. From here we make products from stretch fabrics including swimwear, dancewear, sportswear and anything we have the skills and equipment to make.

We have had our own brand for many years as well. Our goal is to make the best products to the highest quality and source the best and most suitable fabrics to make sure they are up to the job and last for many years.

Everything we make is just for you. When you place an order just enough fabric is printed, then cut and sewn into the products you ordered. This takes a little bit of time so please be patient and allow 5-7 days for UK delivery. Don't worry if your order isn't the right size or you just don't like it you can send back for a refund or exchange.

We also make Sensory Toys. An occupational therapist worked with us to develop a range of Sensory Toys to help children with Autism and learning difficulties. This was great fun and very rewarding. We have continued to develop this range of products and they are very popular with Schools, Therapists, Hospitals and our private clients. 

Our goal is to continue making the brightest most colourful and best quality products to meet the needs of our customers all over the world.