Fitting Guide

We have fitted our masks with soft, grippy, silicone toggles that can be adjusted to fit your ears. The elastic has been left deliberately long so they can be adjusted to all face sizes. If there is too much elastic you can trim and tie a new knot.

If you don't want the adjusters you can take them off. To do this untie the knot, remove the adjusters and then knot to the desired length. To avoid constantly having to untie the knot just keep tying knots smaller and smaller until you get the right fit, then cut of the excess elastic and any knots and pull the knot into the side of the fabric so it is hidden.

If you want to change the elastic or the elastic comes out DO NOT try to push it back through. Use some wire with a blunt end (clothes hanger wire or a hair grip is perfect), push the wire through first and use it to PULL the elastic back through. Much easier and quicker!

If for any reason you destroy the elastic completely, send us a message and we will post you replacements FOC.