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Wholesale Cotton Cloth Face Mask - Washable & Reusable

HB Face Masks

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Minimum order 50 masks - can be a mix of colours and sizes!

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This mask is the result of many hours of research and we hope is the best design we could create. The sides of our face mask contour your face and provides coverage under the eyes and over the chin so the mask does not ride upwards and obscure your sight. This style is more insulated due to the extra coverage.

Our mask is made from washable, breathable cotton - we recommend buying two masks so you can wear one and wash one.


- 3 layers of soft breathable cotton.
- Outer layer printed polyester.
- Inner 2 layers of soft breathable cotton.
- Light and comfortable to wear.
- Wire over noses helps to retain shape.
- Straps are made from 4mm cord elastic as used on NHS masks and are light, strong and comfortable.
- The straps are fitted with soft, small, silicone adjusters for the perfect fit.
- Can be worn with glasses.

Female model is wearing size medium and male model is wearing size large.

Our masks are not medical masks.

Studies have shown the cotton is one of the best material to use for a non-medical grade mask and can capture at least 50% of airborne virus particles.

Wearing a cloth face mask helps:

1) By blocking at least 50% of airborne droplets from being inhaled.
2) By stopping the wearer from touching their own mouths and noses.
3) Protects other people from you.
4) Keeping medical masks available for the people who really need them.

Our masks are steamed prior to packing - one mask per sealed plastic bag.

We regret we are unable to offer any refund or exchanges for face masks unless they are faulty, not as described or the individual package has not been opened.

We are UK VAT registered and all orders are shipped with a VAT invoice.

This not a medical mask and does not contain filters. If you require a medical grade mask or a mask with filters DO NOT buy this mask. We make NO CLAIMS that these masks will protect you from Coronavirus (COVID19). DO NOT put this mask onto children under 2 years old.

If you are a care home, hospice, or similar business and are interested in having these masks for a bigger quantity discount please contact us direct.


Fun Face Masks Made in Britain

Size Guide
Face Mask Size Guide
Care Guide

- Hand wash in warm water using a soap or detergent and then rinse out thoroughly in fresh clean water. If you prefer to machine wash then keep the temperature to a maximum of 40 degrees C and use a good detergent.

- DO NOT wash without tightly knotting the elastic straps.

- Reshape the mask after washing and before drying, this stops shrinkage.

- DO NOT wring or twist to dry. Ideally hang it and allow it to drip dry naturally. Can be tumble dried on a medium setting.

- Iron at a low temperature if required, but don't iron the elastic.

- Cleaning your mask won’t change a thing if you don’t store it properly. Once you have a clean mask, put it in a closed plastic container or a new plastic bag by itself.

- If you want to go the extra mile, write or stick a note with details about when you last cleaned the mask and the method you used. This will prevent cross-contamination and you’ll be able to tell for sure if the mask is safe to use or not.

In between short term uses or if washing a mask is not an option, here is what you could do:

Spray the mask (BOTH inside and out) to saturate with either 60% ethanol/ethyl alcohol (or greater percentage), or 70% isopropanol/isopropyl alcohol (or greater). Allow to air dry. This assumes that you have alcohol available in a spray bottle.

Fitting Guide

We have fitted our masks with soft, grippy, silcone toggles that can be adjusted to fit your ears. The elastic has been left deliberately long so they can be adjusted to all face sizes. If there is too much elastic you can trim and tie a new knot.

If you don't want the adjusters you can take them off. To do this untie the knot, remove the adjusters and then knot to the desired length. To avoid constantly having to untie the knot just keep tying knots smaller and smaller until you get the right fit, then cut of the excess elastic and any knots and pull the knot into the side of the fabric so it is hidden.

If you want to change the elastic or the elastic comes out DO NOT try to push it back through. Use some wire with a blunt end (clothes hanger wire or a hair grip is perfect), push the wire through first and use it to PULL the elastic back through. Much easier and quicker!

If for any reason you destroy the elastic completely, send us a message and we will post you replacements FOC.

Returns & Exchanges

We regret we are unable to offer any refund or exchanges for face masks unless they are faulty or the packet has not been opened at all.


Please check our shipping page for current delivery times.

All orders are dispatched from our UK factory.

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